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Our End of Year Performance for our Middle School students, When I Grow Up, will be held on Saturday 21 October at Glen Street Theatre, Belrose at 6.30 pm.


Classical Group Ballet, Saturday 10.00 am - Winter Polka

Grade 1 Ballet once per week, Wednesday 4.00 pm & Thursday 4.45 pm - Zoo Keepers & Tigers

Grade 1 Ballet twice per week, Monday 4.00 pm & Saturday 11.00 am - Chefs

Year 2 Jazz, Wednesday 4.45 pm - Supermodels

Grade 2 Ballet once per week, Tuesday 4.00 pm - Flight Attendants

Year 3 Jazz, Tuesday 4.45 pm - Astronauts

Year 2/3 & Year 4/5 Lyrical, Monday 5.45 pm and Tuesday 5.30 pm - Growing Up

Grade 3 & 4 Ballet once per week, Monday 5.00 pm - Artists

Grade 3 Ballet twice per week, Thursday 4.00 pm & Saturday 12.00 pm - Engineers

Year 2-4 Tap, Wednesday 4.00 pm - Race Car Drivers

Year 2-4 Musical Theatre, Monday 4.15 pm - Basketballers

Acro Intermediate, Friday 4.45 pm - Lifeguards

Year 4/5 Hip Hop, Wednesday 5.30 pm - Police

Year 4/5 Jazz, Wednesday 6.15 pm - Spies


A compulsory rehearsal will be held on Friday 13 October October at Ecole's Studio from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Please arrive at 3.50 pm. The rehearsal on Friday 13 October, replaces Acro Intermediate on Friday and Grade 1 and Grade 3 twice per week Ballet on Saturday 14 October. Your Ecole uniform should be worn to the rehearsal, with your hair in the concert style. No make-up is required for the rehearsal.


Saturday 21 October at Glen Street Theatre, Belrose. Refer to the map below. Students to arrive at 4.30 pm. The Performance will commence at 6.30 pm.​ Please arrive in your Ecole uniform with your hair and make-up done.


Students are required to be signed in by their parent/carer. The sign in area is next to the loading dock, via the carpark. It is on the left hand side of the building, next to the Oval. Do not enter the Foyer to sign students in. Detailed information can be found below under Sign-in & Sign-out.


Ticket sales are handled by Glen Street Theatre. Tickets go on sale, Monday 18 September at 10.00 am. Please click here to access the Glen Street Theatre ticket page.


No photos or videos are allowed during the Performance. WinkiPop Media will be onsite to take photos during the Performance. These will be available to purchase several days later from their website. We will email details to families. Moving Pictures will be filming the Performance. This year we have partnered with them for a wonderful opportunity for all families to receive a copy of the Performance via an email link. 


Costumes for the Middle School Performance are hired. Students are required to wear dance underwear under their costume. Students should arrive at Glen Street Theatre in their Ecole uniform. All of their costumes will be at the Theatre for them to change into. All costumes must be left at the Theatre at the end of the Performance. Students should have all of their required dance shoes for the rehearsal and performance. All Ballet students are required to have new Bloch theatrical pink tights, as well as a spare pair in their bag. Shoes must be MDM or Bloch canvas ballet shoes. Full details of all shoes required are contained in the Performance Note.


The hairstyle for each classes performance is listed on the Performance Note and the Hair & Make-up button below. Please check this carefully. Hair ties should be the same colour as the child's hair. Gel and hairspray should be used to keep the hair tidy. Spare elastics, bun nets and bobby pins should be packed for your child.


Middle school students are required to wear make-up for the performance. Details are on the Performance Note and the Hair & Make-up button below.

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