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Per our 2023 Terms & Conditions

All students are entitled to two make-up classes per Term for any classes missed due to illness, travel or unforeseen circumstances. The request for a make-up class/es must be advised in advance of the class that will be missed. The make-up class must be used within the same Term of the original absence. If you need to re-schedule your make-up class, this must be advised in advance of the make-up date. If you do not advise that the make-up class needs to be re-scheduled, the make-up will be forfeited.

To request a make-up class, please complete the form below, or email us with your child's regular class and the day they will be away and when you would like a make-up class. We try to schedule students into the same class on an alternative day. If this isn't possible, some suitable options will be offered to you.

Make-up Class Request

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