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Family Watching 2024

2 April to 6 April and 8 April to 13 April

Family Watching is a very special time for all our students. We encourage parents, carers and family members to attend to see their child's progress. The students love the attention of a quiet and appreciative audience – no talking and please switch off mobile phones. Family Watching  is held in Term One only. 

Please note, there is no watching for Classical Group, Performance Groups, Pointe, Pilates and Adult classes. All twice a week Ballet classes will have one class only for watching.

Please click on the day of your child's class to see if your child's Family Watching is held during  2 to 6 April or  8 to 13 April.  
A reminder that Ecole is closed over the Ea
ster Holiday period, Friday 29 March to Monday 1 April inclusive.

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