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Dance and Movement Class

A creatively designed class for children and their carers promoting growth, activity and shared experience. This class is run by Kate Barber on a Saturday from 8.30 am to 9.00 am. This class does not participate in our End of Year Performance. 

This class will stimulate and activate the developmental needs of children from 2 to 3 years of age. The program emphasises the importance of participation with a caring adult, creating a platform for shared experiences and meaningful connections. In a secure and nurturing environment, young dancers not only learn to move and strengthen their bodies but also expand their vocabularies, all while having fun with a loving grown-up.


Class Objectives

  • Introducing young minds and bodies to the wonder of dance in a stress free, creative environment 

  • Activities include dancing, singing, music appreciation, story telling, skill development, creative dance exploration, parachute rides and free dancing

  • To stimulate cognitive and physical development, sociability and bonding

Class Outline

  • Our class starts with a warm up designed to develop non-locomotor skills and activate the mind and body

  • The weekly and term themes determine the dramatic elements of the class, which lead the children on a challenging and joyous adventure, at the same time developing their ballet technique, music appreciation, creative dance skills and gross motor development

  • A familiar cool down exercise brings the class to a close. This often includes dress-ups, free dancing or narrative inspired dance followed by a relaxation activity

What to wear and bring
We encourage our students to dress in clothes that are comfortable whilst still expressing their creativity.

Pink canvas ballet shoes – these can be purchased from Bloch
Students can choose their own style of leotard, skirt, ballet dress, soft fairy dress or soft tutu.  

Leggings, shorts or bike shorts
T-shirt or singlet
Black canvas ballet shoes and black socks
Avoid jeans, cargo pants and anything bulky

Participating Adult
It is best to wear clothes that are easy to move and dance in.
Bare feet or socks – outside shoes are not worn in the dance studio  

We request that you disconnect from technology whilst in class; this means phones on silent, no talking on the phone and no taking photos or video with your phone.


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