Adult Ballet Classes (Beginner level)

Rhiannon Blanche takes our Adult Beginners Ballet Class. This friendly and relaxed open ballet class, progresses through the foundations of classical ballet. We focus on alignment, agility and position as well as a focus on co-ordination, enabling you to the enjoy the basics of ballet. 


The class will move through a structured routine of barre, followed by centre work. Ballet is known to improve your posture, muscle strength and tone, as well as building a stable core. The class is targeted towards those that haven't learnt ballet before, or it has been many years since they last wore a pair of ballet shoes. 

 Our Adult Beginner classes are held on Tuesday evenings at 6.30 pm. Please wear non-restrictive dance/gym wear and ballet shoes or socks.


Please enrol via our enrolments portal (for school, please pick Other), and contact us at or call 0433 832 653 to let us know which date you will start, so we can register your complimentary trial. After your first week complimentary trial, a Class Pass of 10 classes valid for six months, can be purchased for $180. You are welcome to join the class at any point in the year.

Adult Jazz (Beginner level)

Rhiannon Blanche takes our Adult Beginner Jazz class. This class has a relaxed, social atmosphere and begins with a high energy warm up: including cardio; strengthening gym-style exercises and stretching. Next is technique from the corner and we always finish with a fun routine! The playlist is diverse: features modern pop hits by artists such as Lizzo, Tones and I and Confidence Man all the way to retro tunes by the likes Whitney Houston and Queen. Jazz dance has many benefits such as improved physical and mental health, improved overall fitness and the opportunity for self-expression through dance. This class runs on a Wednesday night from 8-9pm in Studio 1, the first class is free and after that a 10 class-pass can be purchased for $180. The Class Pass can be used across Adult Beginner Ballet and Adult Jazz. If you are interested in joining this class, please contact us via email to register your interest. 

Adult Ballet Classes (Intermediate level)

Elise Farrar (ARAD RAD) takes our Adult Intermediate Ballet Classes. This class is for participants with a strong knowledge of ballet. It is an Open class based on RAD Intermediate/Advanced Foundation level steps. Sequences are taken at the barre, continuing into the centre, including Adage, Pirouette Enchaînements, Petit and Grand Allegro. It is a strengthening, stylised and fast moving class with many physical benefits including improved posture, flexibility, core control and improved mental agility. All ages are welcome whether you have had a short or long term break from dancing. 

In 2021, these classes will be held on Mondays and Thursdays at 7.30pm. For further information please contact Elise via email