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Tilly Petersen

Miss Tilly has been involved in gymnastics her entire life.

She began competitive artistic gymnastics at the age of 5, and competed for 16 years reaching National Level 10. She has competed at nationals multiple times, and has trained and competed overseas in America, New Zealand and Denmark.

Tilly is now a Gymnastics Australia qualified coach, and coaches artistic gymnastics and tumbling to recreational and competitive gymnasts. She has also been a swimming teacher for 5 years and loves working with children. 

Along with gymnastics, Tilly has danced since she was 2 years old, so she loves the idea of combining her love for dance and gymnastics in Ecole’s acro classes. Tilly started teaching at Ecole Ballet and Dance Theatre in 2018 and loves seeing how talented and motivated the students are when learning new skills.


Tilly has recently completed her Acrobatics Arts module one training. Her teaching style is friendly, positive and fun, and she wishes to empower each student to discover what amazing skills and tricks their bodies can be capable of. 

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