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We have so many wonderful students at Ecole that achieve so much. We have shared below some highlights of what they have been up to


WOW Cards

Congratulations Girls!

Chloe (right) and Evelyn (left) from Grade 4 ballet have been awarded 5 WOW cards each!That is a great achievement.

WOW cards are given to students for a variety of reasons; including being well groomed, participating with enthusiasm, practicing during class, evident improvement, answering questions, staying focused throughout class, just to name a few positives that we look for.


As a prize for their five WOW cards each, they were allowed to pick a Tutu to wear for their class.


Lending a Hand

Big hearts bring kindness

Olivia (left) and Ella (right) Wong were so inspired by their online classes they decided to use an online medium to raise funds for families in Vietnam that are suffering due to COVID.


Ella choreographed a dance that the girls performed and filmed, raising $1000. An amazing and inspiring initiative that will help those families in need in Vietnam.


Isobel Anderson Awards

Well done Anika

Congratulations to Anika for being selected to go through to the Semi Finals of the RAD Intermediate Isobel Anderson Awards!!

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