Please read all Terms and Conditions carefully. By enrolling at Ecole Ballet and Dance Theatre (“Ecole”), it is assumed that you have read, understood and agreed to the following terms and conditions.

2021 Policies and Guidelines


1. Classes

Classes at Ecole fill up quickly, so it is imperative that you fill in an online enrolment form to secure your child’s place in the class. Class sizes are kept small enough to afford individual attention and one or even two assistant teachers (in the younger classes) often augment classes.

Students new to Ecole will be offered a trial class to ensure that they are enrolled in the appropriate level. If your child decides they do not wish to continue, we do not bill you for that class. However, if they do decide to continue, you will be billed for the trial lesson and normal term fees will apply.


2. Examinations/Assessments – Classical Ballet

Ecole follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Classical Ballet syllabus and Senior Level 6 students study the Preparatory Level of the Classical Dance Australia (CDA) syllabus founded by Mr John Byrne. RAD Exams are not compulsory but are recommended. Examinations/Assessments are held at Ecole Ballet Studios (and/or at RAD Headquarters for Vocational Exams) and entry for examinations is at the discretion of the Principal. The Winter and Spring Holiday Exam Schools each held over one week, are compulsory for any student taking part in an examination, assessment or award.


a) Pre-Primary and Primary

To be eligible for the Pre-Primary Class Award, students must attend one classical ballet class per week, as well as the compulsory Spring School holiday classes, held at the end of Term 3 during the holidays, 20 to 24 September 2021, inclusive.


To be eligible for the Primary Exam, students must attend two classical ballet classes per week, as well as the compulsory Spring School holiday classes, held at the end of Term 3 during the holidays, 20 to 24 September 2021, inclusive. 


b) Grades 1-5

To be eligible for Grades 1-5 Exams/Assessments, students must attend two classical ballet classes per week, as well as the compulsory Spring School holiday classes, held at the end of Term 3 during the holidays, 20 to 24 September 2021, inclusive (if invited to participate in the RAD Examination/Assessment). 


c) Senior Level 6 (CDA)

Students must attend two classical ballet classes per week and an in-house assessment (optional) will be held late in Term 3.


d) Senior Levels 7 & 8 (RAD)

Students must attend two classical ballet classes AND one pointe class per week, as well as the compulsory Winter and Spring School holiday classes at the end of Terms 2 and Term 3, if the student is entered into the October RAD exam session. 


3. Private Lessons

Please enquire for more detail if interested via email: Please note, 24hrs notice must be given if your child is unable to attend their private lesson, otherwise the full fee will be charged. 

4. Punctuality and Absences

Please be punctual as late arrivals can be disruptive. If you know in advance that your child will be absent from class for any reason, please let us know by email: or phone/text, 0433 832 653.


5. Uniform and Grooming

Students are to wear the Ecole uniform for every class. The 2021 Uniform List can be found on the Ecole website. Please label all of your child’s clothing with her/his name. 

We ask that you ensure that your child is neatly groomed, with hair worn in a bun for ballet students or secured away from the face for all other styles. Jewellery must be kept to a minimum and not left on the premises. Ecole does not take responsibility for any valuables brought or left on the premises.


6. Lost Property

Please label all uniform items, shoes and possessions brought to Ecole. The Lost Property Box can be found in the Dressing Room behind the Main Studio. Any unclaimed items by the end of each term will be placed in the Pre-Loved Clothing Box or donated to charity.


7. Safety and Security

Parents/guardians are expected to physically collect their children from the foyer area (or from the main entrance during times of COVID restrictions). Parents who wait in their cars for their children to come to them are inviting the possibility of an accident. Please note therefore, that we expect children to wait INSIDE the foyer. Should parents be late, the children will be told to come back into the studio. The back lane to Studio 2 is out of bounds to Junior Children.


8. Health of a Student

We accept students on the assumption that they are in good health and fitness and may participate in dance activities at the studio. Tuition in dance entails strenuous physical exertion and that whilst all Ecole staff take every precaution, the risk of injury cannot be eliminated. It is your responsibility to notify staff of any injury, medical condition or allergy suffered by the student that may prevent him/her from engaging in certain physical exercises or routines. Students are permitted to bring water into the studios. In case of an emergency requiring urgent medical attention, the undersigned herby authorises the staff of Ecole to seek medical attention. In such an event, Ecole will make every effort to contact the Parents/Guardians before any action is taken, unless life threatening.


9. Physical Contact in the Performing Arts

Some physical contact may be necessary by a member of the faculty to demonstrate technique or exercise – or if First Aid is to be administered.


10. Personal Contact Details

Please keep us up to date with your correct email address and telephone numbers. There is a posting box outside the office door for messages. If the Office is unattended, phone messages (0433 832 653) will be dealt with as soon as possible. Please do not expect teachers to answer your queries between classes.

E-mails to  will receive prompt attention.


11. Ecole Website and Notices

Please read the notices on the notice boards in the main foyer of The Dance Centre. The Ecole website has a copy of Ecole’s Terms and Conditions, Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, Media Release, Fee Structure and Uniform List. The website is regularly updated with news and important information. Website:

12. Media Release and Permission

When you enrol students through the online enrolment form there is a Media Permission acceptance field under the student details section. You can either agree or disagree to the Media Permission on the online form. If you agree to the Media Permission, then you grant to Ecole, the right to take photographs/videos of your child whilst participating in dance classes/activities run by Ecole Ballet and Dance Theatre. You acknowledge that Ecole will use such images/videos for promotional purposes across various media including Ecole’s website, Ecole’s Facebook, Ecole’s Instagram, newsletters, print collateral, etc. You hereby permit Ecole to use images/videos in a lawful manner for the purposes described above. You understand that your consent can be withdrawn at anytime upon written notice and that students’ names/private information will not be disclosed.


13. Photography and Video

Parents may photograph or video their child during Parents’ Week on the condition that all photos and videos are for private use only. No photographs or videos are to be uploaded on to the Internet. Please ensure you request permission from the parent/guardian of any child whose image you would like to video or photograph. Please note that during the end of year performances there is strictly no photography or video recording permitted.


14. Parents’ Week - subject to COVID-19 restrictions at the time

At the end of Term 1 we have Parents’ Week, where we encourage parents, relatives, and friends to watch classes to see the students’ progress. ‘Parent watching’ is a very special time for all our students. The children love the attention of a quiet and appreciative audience – no talking please and switch off mobile phones. Open Day replaces Parent Watching in Term 2, and in Term 3 and 4 there will be no parent watching classes, due to ballet exams and end of year performance rehearsals.


15. Open Days – dates to be advised

Our Open Days allow parents, relatives and friends the opportunity to enjoy the students' progress in a series of in-house demonstrations in Ecole’s Main Studio. In 2021, our Open Days will be held over one jam-packed weekend, full of fun and activities. Performances include: Classical Ballet, Demi-Character, Lyrical/Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre and Acro, as well as Solo and Eisteddfod Group performances. All Ecole students (from 3 years through to Seniors) are involved in this exciting day.


16. End of Year Performances

All students have the opportunity to perform in Ecole’s Annual End of Year Performances held in November/December. Further information to come once dates and times are confirmed with venues. Please note however that the performances are divided into specific age groups.


17. COVID-19 Safety Plan

We are committed to keeping Ecole COVID Safe and as per NSW Government regulations; we have a COVID-19 Safety Plan. All of our teachers and staff have done the COVID-19 Infection Control Training and we are registered as a COVID Safe Business. We ask that students sanitise their hands before entering and upon leaving the studios.


18. Invoices for fees are emailed to parents/guardians prior to the start of each term.


19. All Term Fees must be paid within the first 2 weeks of term or late fees will apply. 

If fees continue to remain outstanding by the Monday of Week 3, a late fee of $10 per week will be automatically added to your account until it is settled. Unpaid and overdue accounts maybe forwarded to a debt collector’s agency for recovery of all debt plus agency collection costs.


20. Fees are payable per term (4 terms per year) and will NOT be reduced for non-attendance of any proportion of the term. There are NO refunds of fees.

New students commencing mid-term are entitled to a pro-rata discount off full fees. 

New students are not charged for a trial class, if your child does not wish to continue. However, if the child continues, you will be charged for the trial lesson and normal term fees will apply.


21. Any classes missed due to illness, holidays or other commitments are non-refundable and non-transferableIf your child sustains a serious injury or illness resulting in extended absences from class, please contact us.


22. A 10% Sibling Discount is applied to the second and subsequent siblings.


23. 24 hours notice must be given if your child is unable to attend their private lesson, otherwise the full amount will be charged.


24. Active Kids AND Creative Kids Rebate Vouchers are accepted at Ecole. Voucher details must be submitted to Ecole by specific dates prior to each term beginning. Due dates will be emailed to parents.


25. Additional fees are charged for examinations, assessments, mock exams and holiday exam schools. 


26. Additional costume fees are charged for costume purchase/hire, payable in Terms 3 and 4.


27. Payment of Fees:

a) Direct Deposit:

            Account Name:             Ecole Ballet and Dance Theatre

            Bank:                               Commonwealth Bank of Australia

            B.S.B:                              062-205

            Account No.:                 1036 6728

            Reference:                     Parent/Carer Name & Invoice No


b) Online payment: Credit/Debit Cards – VISA, Mastercard or AMEX

    Please note there is a SURCHARGE for online payments:

            Visa/Mastercard - 1.87% on transaction value + $0.33 transaction fee

            American Express - 3.5 % on transaction value + $0.33 transaction fee

            International Cards - an additional 1.1% may apply to credit cards


c) Cash: deposited at the Office


d) Cheques payable to: Ecole Ballet and Dance Theatre


28. Enquiries regarding billing/charges should be addressed to:    



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