Sari Ferreira

Classical & Lyrical

Diploma of Dance, CERT IV Performing Arts

Sari has been training as a dancer since she was 5 years old. Her training has seen her gain a professional standard in all main dance genres: Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Hip Hop. Sari's professional career began after she completed 2 years at the Queensland Dance School of Excellence, alongside The Queensland Ballet, graduating the top of her grade in Dance & attaining a Diploma in Dance. She moved down to Sydney after successfully auditioning at Brent Street Studios, fulfilling her Full-time dance training (Advanced Stream) to gain her Certificate IV in Performing Arts.

During her Full-time year, Sari competed nationally on Australia's 'So You Think You Can Dance' winning her ticket straight to the Top 100. This experience put Sari on the map in the world of commercial dance and timed perfectly with her graduation from Brent Street.


Since then, Sari has worked as a commercial actor (The Discovery Channel Deadly Women; Hungry Jacks) & dancer (The Great Gatsby; Video Clips for Flight Facilities and more) as well as a contemporary company dancer (Twisted Element) performing in Sydney Fringe Festival. She has always strived and pushed for more opportunity as a dancer, and took herself to LA to train for 3 months at the end of 2016. It was after this training, and being invited to teach & choreograph at Tokyo's The Academy in Louisiana, that Sari developed the concept of The Channel Elite training as means of pushing the boundaries of traditional dance training. Sari uses her versatility as a cornerstone to her approach to young dancers, having learnt that it is key to be flexible in the commercial dance world.