Every year we invite WinkiPop Media to come to Ecole to take professional photographs.


We offer all students the opportunity to have their photograph taken as a class and also

individually, at Ecole's Studios, wearing their EOYP costume.​ This is an optional event and there will be a small cost involved.


We had two very successful Photo Days this year and hope you all enjoyed participating in them.


Please use your cards for the password - Pink for Junior and Green for Senior. If you have misplaced your cards, please email


Junior Photos can be found via this link

Senior Photos can be found via this link

​WinkiPop Media handles all the orders & fulfilment at their end.  You can order online, by

phone or by mail.  They upload all photos online and you will be issued a secure password so

you can view them. It is a very simple and easy way to see the photos of your child and place


I am sure you will receive awesome photographs of your child and you won't be disappointed.

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