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Nadine Ozone



Nadine Ozone

Nadine has a background in competitive Artistic Gymnastics and Acrobatics, competing at a Regional, State and National level. She has also represented Australia at the World’s Gymnaestrada. She went on to become a Group Fitness and Zumba Instructor, as well as a Personal Trainer, and now has over 9 years experience in the Fitness Industry, working at many gyms and venues all over Sydney and Brisbane. Nadine currently teaches sports sessions, boot camps/group fitness, cheerleading and acrobatics at High Schools throughout Sydney, and has a real passion for helping children with sports progression, especially in cheerleading and tumbling. She is all about technique and skills but above all making sure sessions stay fun and fresh. 

Nadine is from Sydney Dance Acro who all have an accreditation with Gymnastics Australia and are required to keep this up to date through Training and Development in new techniques, First Aid and Student Safety on a yearly basis.

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