Senior EOYP 24 November at Shore Theatre

Sunday 24 November

Shore Theatre, North Sydney

Arrival Time 12.30 pm

Sunday 24 November

Shore Theatre, North Sydney

Arrival Time 2.00 pm

1.00 pm - 2.00pm

SL8 Ballet

Grade 4 twice Ballet

SL7 Ballet

Grade 3 & Grade 4 once Ballet

SL6/7 Lyrical/Contemporary

Grade 2 twice Ballet

Year 5/6 LJT

Year 3/4 Lyrical

Year 5/6 Jazz

Acro Saturday

Senior Jazz

Lyrical Group

Classical Group

Contemporary Group

High School Jazz

Year 3/4 Hip Hop


Year 5/6 Lyrical

SL9/10 Ballet

Grade 3 twice Ballet

Grade 2 once Ballet

Grade 5 & SL6 Ballet

Acro Monday

Senior Contemporary

Year 3/4 Jazz

Year 5/6 & Senior Hip Hop

3.00 pm - 4.00 pm

2.30 pm - 3.00 pm


All Students

All students for the first half of the show, must arrive by 12.30 pm. All students for the second half of the show, must arrive by 2.00 pm. All students are to remain at the theatre between their stage rehearsal and the performance. No student is to leave the theatre

The canteen will be open before the Performance (from 3.00 pm) and during the interval break

Please arrive on time wearing your Ecole uniform with hair and makeup done

Performance starts at 5.00 pm and finishes at approximately 7.15 pm

Senior EOYP Hairstyles & Makeup

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