Teachers will:

Provide a role model for their students. They will treat every student with respect for their feelings, always mindful of the individual’s age and sensitivity.

Teachers will do all they can to create a safe & nurturing atmosphere in which a student can grow creatively.


Students will:

  • Show respect for all teachers & respect the feelings of all students.

  • Greet teachers (staff & guests) and always speak to them politely.

  • Let their work & actions in the Studio show that they feel it is a “special” place to dance.

  • Be supportive of all their colleagues /fellow students and encourage a good “team spirit”, whether in a classroom situation or rehearsal or performance.

  • Take care in the way they dress for class – in their uniform, hair and shoes.

  • When rehearsing or performing take pride in the costumes they are given to wear and make sure costumes are hung up or packed correctly.

  • Dress appropriately when leaving the school, in tracksuits or outdoor clothing, and always wear shoes to protect their feet.

  • In the case of illness all students (or parents ) to phone the Ecole Office to let the Staff know if a student will not be coming to class (so that we know where the student is and they are safe, and how long they may be absent).


Parents will:

Abide by the terms of the enrolment form that they sign each year.
A detailed Code of Practice manual is available for inspection at the Ecole offices.

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